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Brian Edwards - About Me

Brian Edwards covers football, basketball and the UFC with a special emphasis on SEC football and SEC hoops. He has handicapped for VI since 2002.

Brian is a 1998 graduate of the University of Florida. After working as a sports writer in the Atlanta area for nearly two years, Edwards joined Vegas Insider in March of 2000.

Brian is a regular guest on radio shows all across the country. During football season, he is a weekly guest on the The Paul Howard Show in Las Vegas, The Sharp and Benning Show on 1620 The Zone in Omaha and the Chris Vernon Show in Memphis. Brian has also made appearances on Chad Millman's podcast on, Mad Dog Radio, ESPN Nashville and ESPN 1100 in Las Vegas

Brian has had by-lines in ESPN the Magazine. In 2011, he correctly predicted the season win totals for four of five SEC teams the publication featured in its preseason Top 25. His articles have also been seen in the Las Vegas Review-Journal, and The Linemakers. His Saturday college football picks in the Review-Journal in 2012 cashed at an incredible 48-18-1 clip (73%).

On Dec. 26 of 2009, Brian beat every member of the national media to the news of Urban Meyer's resignation as the head football coach at the University of Florida. Of course, Meyer changed his mind the next day, but VI was the website that provided that stunning news first. Also, Brian alerted bettors to the pending suspensions of 20 FSU football players prior to the Music City Bowl in '07, suggesting that gamblers immediately play Kentucky -1 because the line was going to be heavily adjusted. As it turned out, Brian advised VI readers to then come back with FSU +9 (the adjusted number) so when the 'Cats won by seven, the perfect 'middle' gave gamblers multiple winners.

Brian hosted VI's radio show, The Power Hours, on Thursday nights from 2005-2012.

Brian is a life-long fan of the Florida Gators, Atlanta Braves, Atlanta Hawks and the Atlanta Falcons.

Brian is also a big fan of Steve Spurrier, Charles Barkley, the Van Gundys, Bill Raftery, Jon Gruden and Matt Brown. On the flip side, Brian is not a fan of Roger Clemens, Alex Rodriguez, Kobe Bryant, Mark May, Chris Webber and Craig James.

You can check out more of his work at

For daily sports gambling analysis, you can follow Brian on twitter at Vegasbedwards.

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By Brian Edwards
Posted 12/21/2017 at 02:00 PM

After a couple of handsome paydays in his first two fights with Conor McGregor, perennial lightweight contender and UFC fan favorite Nate Diaz isn't in any hurry to get back into the Octagon.
The younger of the Diaz Brothers hasn't fought since his narrow decision loss to McGregor in their rematch in August of 2016. On less than two weeks notice, Diaz took the first fight with McGregor and handed 'The Notorious' his first UFC loss by second-round submission at UFC 196.
Diaz appeared on the <EM>Outside the Box</EM> podcast earlier this week and had plenty to say about his eventual return to the cage.
“I’m not fighting because I am a fighter. You’re fighting because someone’s telling you to fight,” Diaz said. “I’ll fight whenever the f**k I wanna fight. That’s because I’m a G, n**ga, I’m a fighter myself. I ain’t trying to do what nobody says, I’ll do what I say. And I will fight when I’m approached respectably.”
“I don’t need to fight nobody,” Diaz continued. “I’ll fight anybody, but I don’t need to fight anybody. And the fighters are like, ‘He’s not a fighter,’ I’m like, it sounds like you’re being manipulated into trying to manipulate me into getting into a fight. Guess what? You work for somebody; I work for me. Who’s the fighter now, motherf**er?”
Diaz has been called out recently by interim lightweight champ Tony Ferguson and welterweight kingpin Tyron Woodley. He was reportedly offered fights with both men in recent months, but didn't bite on either option. The 209/Stockton native reportedly demanded $15 million to take on Woodley, who said he accepted an offer to face Diaz at UFC 219 on Dec. 30. Talk of this potential scrap eventually died.
On his fighting plans for 2018, Diaz said, “Ask nicely, motherf**ers. Ask nicely. I’m talking about the organization, the fighters. And make it a big deal, because I’m not trying to just sign a contract just because it’s a good idea for you guys.”
When asked specifically about when he would complete his trilogy with McGregor on Outside the Box, Diaz said, “Time will tell. I don’t know right now. There’s talk. They (the UFC) call me, we talk about things, but I think what’s happening is they want me to ask, and beg, and I don’t need nothing from nobody. I don’t need nothing from anybody.”



By Brian Edwards
Posted 07/25/2017 at 10:33 AM

There hasn't been much information out in terms of an update on UFC Hall of Famer Matt Hughes' condition in recent weeks. However, fellow Hall of Famer, close friend and former coach Pat Miletich appeared on Ariel Helwani's MMA Hour yesterday and he had positive news on Hughes, whose truck was hit on the passenger side by an oncoming train in an June 16 accident in rural Illinois.

"He is surprising the doctors," Miletich said. "He's making great leaps and he's no longer in a coma, and he's improving. It's going to be a long road. Any type of head trauma at that level, there's going to be some rehab."

There's been some confusion about how Hughes was hit by a train and Miletich shed some light on that situation. "The [train] engineer said, Matt had stopped on the gravel road," Miletich said. "It's a hill, goes up, it's a real quick hill that goes up to the railroad tracks. He had stopped, then tried to get across it in time. The train was almost going 50 MPH.

“When you’re out in the country, there’s no crossing guards, there’s no lights,” Miletich continued. “It’s almost like, he saw it, then tried to beat it. What I would say is that, you’re on a gravel road out in country on a hill and you’re trying to punch it and get over, you’re going to swing tires, he didn’t get across in time and got clipped on the passenger side.”

According to Dave Doyle of, Hughes has remained at HSHS St. John's Hospital in Springfield, Ill. since the accident.

Miletich hasn't been able to visit him yet. He revealed to Helwani that only family members are able to do so at this point. Miletich said, "They want his energy to go to healing and not to anything else."

Nevertheless, Miletich is extremely confident about Hughes's future. "I'm 100 percent sure he's going to make a full recovery."

We're all in that camp in hoping that Miletich is correct. The 43-year-old Hughes is one of the greatest welterweights in UFC history, finishing his career with a 45-9 overall record. Hughes is the two-time 170-pound kingpin who successfully defended his strap seven separate times during his two stints as the champion.


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